Next Generation
Line Monitoring System LMS Life / Schneider Electric

With the outstanding Line Monitoring System LMS Life from Schneider Electric, plant and shop floor managers gain detailed insights into the performance of their production facilities, enabling them to quickly identify potential for error reduction and production optimization. Thanks to LMS Life, Schneider Electric is well prepared for the future in the field of user interfaces: the tool can be flexibly used and individually expanded in further projects.

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Data Visualisation
  • HMI
  • Line Management

Challenge and Application

LMS Life is an analysis software specifically designed for industrial IoT applications and production facilities. The biggest challenge for our team was to visually present the extremely large amounts of data in an appealing and understandable way. With thoughtful infographics, service technicians can now quickly understand the complex relationships and information. Furthermore, we have established a drill-down navigation and thus created a clear structure for the intuitive operation of the UI, despite the large amount of information and complexity.

Sustainable Solution for the Future

With the new LMS, the evaluation of performance and other production metrics is completely digital, so that managers can now work with the device of their choice instead of countless printouts. The user interface is designed to be flexible for a variety of individual requirements of different types of systems, thus having the necessary flexibility to be able to depict complex production systems. In addition, the software is scalable and can be easily integrated at different locations around the world.

Visually Informed

The design system of LMS Life is characterized above all by its multitude of individual data visualizations, which are specially tailored to the respective data sets in a complex process. They follow a uniform color system and a balanced mix of rounded lines and surfaces. The complexity can be adjusted responsively to the available space. This provides the user with a unique analysis experience.

Evolution - from LMS to EMS

Thanks to its flexible and universally applicable design, LMS Life can also be easily adapted to completely different areas: the software is already used as a monitoring system in cake and steel production as well as for remote service in e-charging parks. The focus has shifted from data analysis and visualization to order management, line status, and display of current errors. The tool has thus become even more versatile. The next step is the adaptation to the field of energy monitoring.

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