Next Level Rotor Balancing Schenck ONE / Schenck RoTec GmbH

Schenck ONE is the software solution for all aspects of balancing and the heart of every Schenck balancing machine. Simplicity of operation, secure user guidance and location-independent access were important aspects in the redesign of the software. Because the software is continuously developed over the machine life cycle and is made available to customers automatically via a subscription model, the focus is on a future-oriented, scalable and flexible system.

  • User Interface
  • HMI
  • User Experience
  • Illustrations
  • Workflows

Balanced & Intuitive

The harmonized user interface and operating philosophy at the machine and in the cloud results in a holistic user experience throughout the entire balancing process, regardless of the user location. From the central creation and management of rotor types (RotorManager), the highly accurate measurement and correction of unbalance (BalancingAssistant), the reliable documentation of the results (ReportCenter) or the maintenance of the machine (MaintenanceAssistant) - Schenck ONE offers a wide range of possibilities for intuitive support along the balancing process in the browser and on the machine.

User Guidance

All important work processes are mapped with the help of assistants and guided workflows. Step by step with clear graphics, which in turn greatly simplify the work. This applies to the creation of a rotor as well as to the measurement or manual correction of the unbalance on the rotor itself. This results in fewer operating errors and faster, more pleasant work. Illustrations are an elementary component of the user interface. Complex work processes and operating steps are simplified through the use of graphic elements and illustrations. To increase the understanding of technical processes, the illustrations are a helpful guide to assist the operator at his tasks.

External Video

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Safety in everyday life

When dealing with fast rotating objects, there is always the problem of vibrations caused by even the smallest unbalances. To avoid this physical property, there is a simple solution. The balancing method. The polar plots of the vectormeter serve as foundation for an informative workflow. During the balancing process, various measurements and guidelines are displayed on it. Depending on the type of measurement, the rotor may need to be adjusted multiple times to prevent vibrations. As a guarantee for safety in everyday life, Schenck’s machines and software have created an optimized solution for balancing all types of rotors, whether it is an aircraft turbine or the tiny rotor of a drill in the dentist’s office.