E.HMI Connect –
User interface for the processing of particle foams

HMI Project Erlenbach Interface examples on 3 interfaces

›E.HMI Connect‹ is a Human Machine Interface for the industrial machines of Erlenbach GmbH, an internationally active manufacturer of processing plants for particle foams. The portfolio includes moulding machines, block moulding and pre-expanders as well as complex special solutions.
Based on the moulding machines, a modular and scalable UI system was developed that can be adapted to all types of Erlenbach systems. Existing software concepts were simplified and combined into a holistic human machine interface. The graphic design extends the existing corporate design with a new, brand-appropriate ›dark mode‹. The clear and functional Responsive Design allows content to be applied flexibly to a wide range of screen sizes and devices.
The user-centred concept was developed through detailed context analyses in the form of user and expert surveys and validated and subsequently optimised by means of prototypes and user tests.
Fast and clear process monitoring is at the heart of the concept. The density of information and the possibilities for intervention in the process expand according to the user's experience or level. Through visualisations of the most important key figures and the machine status, users are well informed about the status of the machine and the production progress. Complex processes are made intuitively tangible through interactive illustrations.
The user interface of ›E.HMI Connect‹ intuitively adapts to the needs of the user. Frequently used functions can be saved as favourites, and the process flow can be effectively adapted for new productions by drag & drop. Machine learning and AI-supported features also help users with analysis and production optimisation.

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HMI Project Erlenbach features on panel and smartphone
HMI Projekt Erlenbach features screensaver dashboards
HMI-Project Erlenbach features Illustration
HMI Project Erlenbach features expert dashboard
HMI-Project Erlenbach features manual functions illustration
HMI-Project Erlenbach features drag drop editor
HMI Project Erlenbach features alarming list
HMI-Project Erlenbach features data visualisations

Responsive design for a wide range of devices

Easy-to-understand dashboards and screensavers

Interactive illustration system for plant graphics

More complex representations depending on user level and permissions

Expert controls supported by reduced visualisations and animations

Drag & drop editor for intuitive compilation of the process chain navigation

Clearly structured and understandable reporting system

Simple and quick to understand infographics

Particle Foam

Particle foams are a composite of foam beads made of thermoplastics (such as EPS, EPE and EPP). They are characterised by very good mechanical properties, high thermal insulation capacity and very good lightweight construction potential. The foam beads are produced from plastic granulate in so-called pre-foam plants. The foam beads are then processed into moulded parts in so-called moulding machines with the help of steam. However, particle foam can also be produced as large blanks by block moulding machines and then processed further. The main areas of application for particle foam parts are packaging, thermal insulation and technical parts in the automotive sector.

HMI Project Erlenbach interface usage in context with ipad
HMI Project form line in shop hall rendering
HMI-Project Erlenbach four products and materials

Remote process monitoring during production

Moulding machine from the Erlenbach GmbH portfolio

Materials and product examples