gwk logotherm – adaptive Human Machine Interface for industrial cooling and temperature control systems

A user-friendly and highly flexible interface that is suitable for a variety of applications and monitor sizes was developed for the industrial cooling and temperature control systems of gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH from Meinerzhagen in North Rhine-Westphalia. The efficiency and the energy consumption of the systems were optimized through clear user guidance. The interface is optimized for multi-touch and can be configured comfortably for the field of application via a wizard. The adaptive dashboard and its typographical information units ensure rapid orientation and easy operation in a wide range of different usage situations. In order to design a uniform system for the entire product range, the first step was to determine the usage requirements of the numerous fields of application. The interface was then implemented and tested as an example for the single-circuit temperature controller. This was followed by the adaptation for the rest of the product range. The new interface was presented for the first time at the Fakuma 2017 - Trade Fair for Industrial Plastics Processing - in Friedrichshafen.

Optimal presentation through responsive and adaptive design

The interface has been developed with Web technology to ensure consistent presentation across all output devices. The interface adapts responsively to the monitor size of the end device. The information units react adaptively in number and form to the available space. The result is always an optimal representation of the key figures and functions. The layout is modular and scalable from compact devices to plant operation.

Help with the configuration

In order to be able to prepare the interface for the various areas of application, a commissioning wizard has been developed. This guides the administrator on the PC step-by-step through the configuration process. This speeds up the configuration and reduces incorrect entries for complex settings.

User interface design

The interface is optimized for use in poorly lit work situations. The dark theme is easy on the eyes and at the same time ensures good legibility. The reduced design of all displays and controls simplifies orientation. Signal colors guide the user and alert them to critical usage situations. The typographical approach to the representation of the key figures is the key to the straightforward appearance of the entire system.

Customizable branding

The manufacturer optionally adapts the housing color of the devices to the corporate design of its end customers. The interface design follows the color theme harmoniously at the initial startup and thus allows the integration of the branding, without negatively influencing the rest of the design and thus the user guidance.

Optimized usability

User-centered structure / flat hierarchy / reduced information density / Help and assistance systems / Favorite functions / Remote screensaver / Uniform message system / Fast language and user switching / Multi-touch gestures / Consistent recipe management / Clear color codes / Harmonized with industrial design

The project was nominated for the German Design Award 2020, awarded the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2019 and the DDC Award Good Design 19.

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HMI Project GWK interfaces on 3 different sizes of panels
HMI Project GWK dashboard with numbers
HMI Project GWK graph detail
HMI Project GWK interface keyboard
HMI Project GWK Interface detail closeup
HMI Project GWK section Interfaces machines: ClientA und ClientB
HMI Project GWK two machines
HMI Project GWK Fakuma Interface on machine