CL WRX 3.0 – Software Suite for Systems for 3D-Printing of Metal Components

concept laser header
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concept laser screensaver
concept laser dashboard

User interface design of a software suite for systems for 3D printing of metal components

The functionality ranges from order management, logistics, production preparation through production monitoring to follow-up work. The software is used in a wide variety of utilization scenarios on multi-touch panels, PCs and mobile devices and has a flexible structure. The modular architecture allows the functional scope to be customized to the tasks and user groups and, if required, extended. The complete production process can be supported by rapid changing of apps, with the status of all system components being monitored at all times. User operation is structured workflow-oriented and can be understood intuitively. The interface has a clear structure and each app is color-coded. Construction process progress and all key figures are presented in a form that is easy to understand. The functionality can be customized user-specifically and extended through widgets.

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The project was awarded with the DDC Award Gute Gestaltung 18, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2017 and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 in the Discipline Communication, Categorie Apps/Software.


concept laser dashboard
concept laser information architecture
concept laser m line
concept laser screensaver
concept laser manager responsive
concept laser mobile devices
concept laser workflow
concept laser intuitive workflow
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Panel range

Production Dashboard

Modular Design

Integration into the industrial design

Status display with distant effect

Monitoring the whole production plant

Responsive Design and mobile devices

Interaction of all Applications

Workflow within the production

Partial integration and fast app switching

Precise Graphic Charts