Aasted Smart Control – User Interface for the production of chocolate and bakery products.

Aasted is a global market leading manufacturer that supplies complete processing lines, stand-alone and auxiliary equipment within the chocolate, bakery, and confectionery industries. Aasted's new Human Machine Interface offers a unified operating concept suitable for a variety of applications specialized in tempering, extruding, depositing, enrobing, baking and cooling. The highly flexible Interface is optimized for a wide range of monitor sizes and touch-devices. It is designed for the latest web technology as well as standard industrial hard- and software with limited possibilities. Based on user-centered design methods and user research Aasted Smart Control provides excellent usability with optimized task-based functions for individual skill levels. Line overviews and dashboards allow continuous monitoring and control of all components in the production process. Contextual online help, FAQs and assisted workflows are always available. The design contains a custom UI library with self-describing controls and modular machine illustrations. Graphic charts visualize performance and efficiency in a clear color code that is also used for alarming and error localization.

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The project was awarded with the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2019, the DDC Award Gute Gestaltung 2019 and was nominated for the UX Design Award 2020 and the German Design Award 2020.

Red Dot Website / Aasted Smart Control
UX Award Website / Aasted Smart Control
DDC Award Website / Aasted Smart Control
German Design Award Website


Dashboard & Lineoverview

Device Overview showcasing the responsive Design

Screensaver Mode displaying the System Status

Interface Design

Modular Machinepart Illustrations

Illustration Style

Diagnosis using Trends

Design System

Alarm Detailpage including Alarm Localisation

Guided Workflows

User-centered Design

The design is based on user-centered design methods and user research. Comprehensive analysis in close coordination with operators and experts were executed. The detailed conception phase included paper prototyping and wireframing. The results were validated with Usability tests at the customer's site.

User Input

Products Examples

Production Environment

Line, Machine- and Device Overview

Analysis of Specifications

Paper Prototyping

Usability Tests