Weber Power Control - User Interface Design for High End Slicing Machines

weber dashboard
weber attributes
weber buttons

Touch-optimized user interface design for high end slicing machines.

The interface is designed modular. It can be adapted to different machine types. Heart of the interaction is the dynamic page layout. It enables constant supervision of the most important production key figures. The layout is responsive and adapts to new requirements after interaction. The dashboard – central monitoring and operation view – summarizes complex machine processes and displays them clearly. The depth of information can be extended by intuitive swipe gestures. So frequently used parameters can be quickly manipulated. In a workflow-oriented menu all production parameters are accessible grouped by either product processing steps or machine components. Further components are outsourced from the regular operation to an app-like view. It can be expanded by optional modules. Also an alternative skinning for a subcompanies smaller panel was provided. The frontend was developed using web technology to support a system wide uniform appearance and quick adaption to mobile devices.

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The project was awarded the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2013, the iF communication design award 2014 and it has been nominated for the German Design Award 2015 and the UX Design Award 2016.


weber user interface
weber dashboard
weber responsive widgets
weber interactions
weber dashboard
weber parameters

Harmonised with the industrial design of the panels

Production dashboard with most important KPIs

Adaptive design of widgets allows simultaneous operation and monitoring

Interaction concept with gestures

Adaptive dashboard with 3 active favorites functions

Adaptive dashboard with 6 active favorites functions