Next Generation User Interface for SIG NEO Filling Lines SIG CRUISER / SIG

SIG CRUISER is a user interface for operating an entire filling line. This user-friendly UX-focussed interface ensures consistency between shop floor to top floor and ensures fast reaction times and convenience for both the operator and the service team. This allows a single operator to manage one or even two complete lines. We developed an intuitive UI where less training is needed to operate a complete filling line safely and reliably.

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Interactive Infografics
  • HMI
  • Line Management
  • Zenon
  • Data Visualisation

Challenge and Usage

From an operator’s view, an integrated UI across the entire line is a uniform solution. All tasks on every machine are related to the product, so we focused on this. Brand elements are used in balance with ambient lighting and colors that are typically for an industrial environment, reducing visual clutter and fitting to an industrial setting. A clear Visual Brand Language differentiates the UI while maintaining foundational SIG elements. Simplified navigation and role and context adaptation tailors information, making the system easy to use. Information that is currently not necessary is faded out. In difficult or time-critical situations, the system offers assistance automatically and leads to the next steps.

Consistency over the entire line

The mental model of the UI centers around the product, and not the machine. A package representation is used as simplified navigation and links to SIG. Elements familiar from former machine HMIs have been translated in a new design as a symbiosis between tradition and progress. Usability and User Experience (UX) have been significantly enhanced. SIG CRUISER reduces downtime and the waste rate while helping SIG to further reduce the CO2 footprint of its packaging. The intuitive UI reduces training costs and makes the machine more accessible.

Design System

Important elemtents and production steps are visually supported by individual icons using a customized icon style. Input controls like buttons or stepper are easy to identify. The icons are seamlessly integrated into the design and create a coherent overall impression. Modern elements of SIG’s brand are used in balance with ambient lightning and colors that are typically used in an industrial environment, reducing visual clutter and fitting the UX to an industrial setting.


It is a complex machine, but we were able to achieve the following goals: The operator must not leave the dashboard layer during production to control the machine and the operator related settings or corrections are implemented as a temporary overlay. All navigation destinations that are not relevant for production are bundled in the main menu. Leaving out unnecessary information where ever possible. This makes the navigation system easy to use.

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