April 2024

HELIO 24.1 is here!

We’re just getting started …

We are thrilled to present the latest version of HELIO to you, the first major update of 2024. With the new version 24.1, we have taken some big steps since the launch in November last year.

Not only have we continued to follow our roadmap, we have also responded intensively to our customers' feedback. Our new release is the result of continuous improvements, new ideas and concepts with the aim of providing you with the best HMI framework on the market.

These are some of the Highlights:

  • HELIO Docs – our new documentation platform
  • Fully configurable footers
  • More direct editing – our preview just got a context menu
  • The new value bar element
  • New and powerful actions for the navigation

… and many, many more!

See all the details of the new release in the documentation.
Grab your personal trial license and check it out for yourself!