December 2023

MoldControl – The Unity of Interface- and Industrial Design

MoldControl, our new project for servomold from Hesse, Germany, combines the innovative operating concept with the industrial design of the control panel in a creative and functional unit. The result: maximum efficiency, flexibility and control over the process values.

Thanks to the close and constructive collaboration with industrial designer Kay Saamer, the hardware and software create a consistent overall picture that is not only intuitive to use, but also has a high aesthetic value.

MoldControl masters the challenge of creating a flexible interface that adapts effortlessly to new production environments and enables users to learn how to operate it with ease, with clear design.

From operator to expert - MoldControl offers a clear display of all parameters and functions. The clear design language enables quick interpretation of device and process status and is easy to learn. Thanks to a holistic structure and clear graphics, all functions and parameters are easy to understand.

A comprehensive program editor also enables experts to create individual sequence programs with all setting options. MoldControl adapts flexibly to special application scenarios, and the short-stroke keys on the hardware form a seamless interface between hardware and software.

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