November 2019

Helio in the latest Study by Fraunhofer

Selecting a suitable development tool presents decision makers in industrial companies with a variety of questions. The new study by the Fraunhofer Institute ›Overview of HMI Tools of today and tomorrow‹ shows the current tool landscape and discusses what the future might look like.

13 HMI tool manufacturers were available for this study. Although our ›Helio‹ HMI Management System is currently still in development, it was already able to impress with its completely new concept and ease of use.

Currently, HMIs are typically built manually on a screen by screen basis. Shapes and objects are put together on a drawing area the size of the later panel and the logic behind them is programmed. Since each function element is created individually, the design process is complex and the result is often inconsistent. For a panel of a different size, the entire HMI must be readjusted.

›Helio‹ is going to change this.

The ›Helio‹ Editor works with page templates and grid layouts that are easily filled and configured by the user with functional widgets and controls. Programming skills are not required. The automated behavioral logic and the vectorization of all visual elements enables true automatic adaptation of the HMI to all presentation modes.

A revolution in HMI configuration.
First presented at the SPS in Nuremberg from 26.11. until 28.11.2019
Hall 6 / Stand 206 (joint stand with Bayern Innovativ)

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