Helio - HMI Management System for Next Generation Industrial Applications

The revolution in HMI configuration
Configure 1x - use 1000x
Diversity without extra effort
Configure instead of layout
The perfect tool for industrial IoT


Configuration by simply configuring prefabricated library elements without programming knowledge.


Unrestricted reusability of self-defined UI groups of any complexity.


Individual configurations from a single source. Consistent quality through a principle.


Standardized web technology, platform independent and secure. Perfect conditions for Industry 4.0.

Helio - The HMI Management System

Thanks to our revolutionary HMI Management System ›Helio‹, the configuration of new HMIs can be implemented in the shortest possible time with the highest design standards. Our process makes it possible to realize complex customer projects and guarantees perfect usability even after adaptation to special machines and systems. Automatically optimized display on different devices and display sizes included. The perfect tool for industrial IoT.
The user experience and the layout of the application is initially defined with our experts as part of a design project. On this basis, the HMI Management System will be preconfigured and filled with sample projects and all necessary building blocks. Your process experts and application engineers take over the finished system and can immediately start configuring individual HMI projects.


Initial development of the global operating concept, all UI components and the interface behavior together with our usability and design experts.


Data connection and management of reusable components. Compiling the content for belibiege HMI projects through simple configuration


Immediate availability as a system-independent and fully responsive application for all devices and monitor sizes.



Watch this video for the first impressions of the interface and how it interacts with the configuration.

Live demo

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Screencast Video

HELIO - The innovation

›Helio‹ supports the creation of an HMI in an innovative and unique way. The user merely defines the functions of the HMI and selects the prefabricated modules required for the configuration from a library. You can assemble individual controls into logical units and restore them to the library. These groups are now available as reusable items in each project. In addition, the configuration of a machine can be read directly from the controller and projected onto the user interface. The applicator does not have to worry about the design of the surface and the layout of the software masks. This is done by our system. The creation of the user interface is based on the stored layout rules fully automatic and optimal for all required screen sizes. User rights and internationalization can be conveniently simulated using a live preview during configuration and the software can be tested in real time on the target system. The projects and all reusable groups are stored in a central database accessible to all users. So everyone works on the same dataset and produces consistently sustainable applications with unchangingly high usability. Collaborating on common projects and tracing changes through a centralized versioning system are key features that enable HMI configuration to be highly efficient.


  • Standardized web technology
  • Backward compatible
  • Safe (IT Security IEC 62443)
  • System independent
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Multi-user capable
  • Central database and library
  • Modular data structure
  • Easy to use (like a CMS, like Wordpress)
  • Fully responsive design
  • Native support of mobile devices
  • Built-in versioning system
  • Onsite capability (Editor on Board)
  • No additional hardware needed for processing (runs on the HMI)
  • No additional software needed (runs in the browser)
  • Integrated user right management
  • Custom design themes
  • Custom configuration options
  • Reusable building blocks
  • No complicated licensing system (e.g., base of data points)


Through our many years of experience, we are able to optimally use the latest state of web technology. The scalable Helio architecture is expandable and completely platform independent.


Controllers, services and databases can be connected via an extensible plugin interface, e.g. with OPC UA, MQTT, ans more.

Web technology

Future-proof and system-independent through consistent implementation with HTML5 and web standards

Data Handling

Shared access to the database of all projects and building blocks and easy reusability.


Expandable with individually developed components and ready for automatic adaptation to the machine configuration at runtime

Case Study

With the ›New HMI‹ project of the packaging machine manufacturer ROVEMA, HMI Project is showing for the first time a web-based HMI that can be completely configured via a graphical user interface. The aim was to equip all machine types and configuration levels with a uniform graphical interface. With the help of the integrated HMI management system, all adjustments can be made quickly, which the demanding special machine construction requires. Without knowledge of HTML5 or Javascript, functions can be intuitively added or modified. For recurring elements it is possible to store functions, function groups or whole pages reusable in a central library. From there, the user can use it for individual machines or all models. All changes to projects can be tracked individually at any time via the integrated central versioning system and can be reset if necessary. To optimally support the project engineer, the layout is automatically created using simple parameters so that the design always remains intuitively understandable. The real-time preview provides immediate feedback. Without additional adaptation, the content behaves responsive and can be displayed on various devices and display sizes. The client-server architecture allows multiple users to simultaneously edit projects and access the shared database without the need for manual HMI replacement.

Project description

Additional Information

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