December 2020

A tree that bears your name

2020 is certainly a year which we will remember. Working from home has become the norm, distance has become familiar. Public discussions as well as private conversations focused on the current health crisis — with the rules and perspectives changing every week. Planning is becoming ever more difficult. Everyone is caught in the present.

We have nevertheless remained optimistic and are looking ahead.

Since the beginning of 2019 we have been collecting money to compensate the carbon emissions caused by our business trips, with us splitting the costs with our clients. At the beginning of the year we changed over to green electricity for our offices and at the same time decided to also compensate the complete carbon emissions of our office operations.

The generated amount is donated to the regional climate project TREEMER. Our donation is being used to plant severely threatened indigenous trees, which had almost disappeared from our local forests through excess felling, in the "Franconian Switzerland" region near Würzburg. This benefits our forests which are so threatened by climate change, drought and monoculture – and thus also us.

Treemer Website

After all – the Covid pandemic will be past at some point in the future and we are already looking forward to the moment! We are thus starting into 2021 with the resolution think globally, act locally, stay positive.

Our thanks to our staff, partners and customers for their support and fruitful cooperation.

We wish each and every one a merry festive season and all the best for 2021!

Your HMI Project Team